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Emergency Preparedness Grants

CAER's Emergency Preparedness Team is offering grants to be used to support drills and exercises. The Preparedness Team manages these grants to improve the preparedness of businesses, agencies, schools and the community in responding effectively to emergencies through drills and exercises. Grants of up to $2,500.00 will be awarded.

Congratulations to the following CAER 2017 Grant recipients:

  • CCC Public Health, Wellness & Prevention – $1,400
  • City of Pinole Senior Center – $1,400
  • Martinez CERT – $1,260
  • El Cerrito Fire – $1,500
  • St. Patrick School, Rodeo – $1,500
  • Dover Elementary, San Pablo – $2,500

Application Selection Guidelines

  1. Eligibility
    1. Countywide nonprofit organizations: as well as community organizations, agencies, cities, towns, childcare centers, homeless shelters, schools, school district offices, CERT Teams, hospitals, health care facilities, and senior centers
    2. Must be exclusive to Contra Costa County in source and benefit
    3. Can be used to perform or support emergency preparedness activities
  2. Scope of activity for grant cycle scenario
    1. Broad applicability: Activity can provide value to communities within Contra Costa County
    2. Broad community involvement: Activity includes representatives of local agencies, schools, businesses, and community groups or residents
    3. Activity scope is measurable and achievable within available resources and timeframe
  3. Emergency preparedness activity purpose
    1. Stated objectives: Must be a defined list of objectives
    2. Measures of success: Submission of written critique within 30–60 days after completion of activity
  4. Resources to support emergency preparedness activity
    1. Funds available: Maximum up to $2,500 per grant available.
    2. Personnel reources: Committed/dedicated personnel to support active participation in process and for assisting with follow up recommendations from activity
  5. Application selection criteria
    1. Contra Costa County benefit
    2. Multiple organization involvement (where applicable)
    3. Measurable Objectives
    4. New grant applicant may be given priority
    5. Prior grant recipient with a completed critique on file
  6. Grant is NOT intended to cover the following:
    1. Salary reimbursement
    2. Refreshments
    3. Consultant fees
    4. Any resource that can be acquired with NO COST (i.e. training, exercises, plan review, etc.)

Grant Guidelines (pdf)

2018 Grant Application (pdf)