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Petrochemical Mutual Aid

Art Bertz, Phillips 66 – Chairperson

Joe Bateman, Valero – Vice Chairperson

Joe Digue, Shell – Secretary

Phone: (510) 245-4464 |

Meets monthly on 4th Wednesday, 11:30 a.m.

Contact CAER for a copy of the PMAO Emergency Response Manual

The Petrochemical Mutual Aid Organization (PMAO):

  • PMAO logoDiscusses ER/Safety incidents and near misses
  • Studies and implements best practices regarding fire protection and prevention, and hazardous material spill/release prevention
  • Evaluates emergency response equipment and supplies
  • Sponsors and conducts emergency response training as it relates to fire and hazardous material incidents, rescue and EMS
  • Self-audits PMAO functions and monthly emergency response equipment drills to validate the minimum standards are met
  • Develops standard implementation practices for new regulations as they relate to emergency response
  • Reviews incidents and shares lessons learned
  • Provides emergency response mutual aid to non-PMAO Action Teams

In 2002, the Petrochemical Mutual Aid Organization used funding provided through CAER to put an AlphaNumeric Paging System in service. With the new system activated, PMAO dispatch centers can now more rapidly notify member compan of requests for mutual aid assistance.

PMAO has established several specific Task Force packages to provide flammable liquid foam fire fighting support to requesting municipal agencies. Each geographically defined Task Force will include a foam aerial, a foam engine, and bulk foam tender for mutual aid support to requesting municipal agencies and non-member companies.

CAER has also funded new personnel accountability tags that were obtained by PMAO and distributed to municipal agencies. Industry and municipal agencies will now have a common, compatible accountability tagging system. Each PMAO-member company purchased the tags for its organization.